Finding a job is rarely an easy process.  There’s paperwork, scans, endless fees, drug tests and background checks. Searching and applying for a job is a full time career in itself.  Since when did this become such a grueling process?  Well, if you’re in the Springfield area, things might be looking up…

The new deal in Springfield, Ohio – between Navistar International and General Motors – could be a big jolt towards a hiring frenzy.  The deal includes a $12 million revamp of Navistar’s plant and 300 new jobs to the city.  There will be roughly $10.3 million available for additional payroll.

So why does this matter?

Simple.  It affects you – globally and personally.

Global Impact

Looking back to 2009, before the collapse of the market, GM was running away from the commercial truck industry.  Decreased demand from many industries was wreaking havoc on the bottom line of commercial truck manufacturers and sellers.  

Trying financial times (in 2009) lead to decreased consumer spending, which affected the entire economy.  People were spending less on durable goods like furniture, appliances, etc. Because in reality, saying “yes” to a new couch might mean saying “no” to electricity for a month. 

When the durable goods industries are hurting, they cut spending wherever possible.  They weren’t shipping as many items nearly as often, leading to a sharp drop in the use of mid-size commercial trucks, impacting the industry as a whole. 

To top it off, GM went underwater financially – filing for bankruptcy later that year.

But that was then. 

Now is a much more promising time.  Demand is increasing in nearly all sectors, provoking much more interest in the trucking industry.  GM, among many other automobile giants, is scrambling to get a hand in the cookie jar.

Personal Impact

Simply put, there will be 300 jobs up for grabs, and that’s not even where it stops.  With the sudden influx of payroll, upgrades,and jobs, more companies will be interested in manufacturing parts for Navistar.  That may include local interest in the Springfield area and even more job opportunities for you and the community. 

Don’t forget that there’s $10.3 million in additional payroll about to be added with those 300 jobs.  That’s a lot of income potential for the public.

A job is never that far out of reach if you’re willing to do a little digging.

You matter, and we are here to remind you that there are people who want you.  

Maybe you’re doing something you don’t love or you’re ready for a different direction in your life. Let us help you find out what career you could be enjoying.   Don’t make it harder than it has to be.  Come see what we can do for you!