It’s not easy to stand out in the fast-growing tech space, regardless of your school, knowledge, and skills. Essentially, you have to take all of those and add a bit of oomph in order to truly spice up your presence at work. Of course, there are always ways to stand out in your office, but this time around, your goal should be to stand out in a positive manner, ok? And don’t forget to bring in the freshness and uniqueness of your skills that don’t even have to do with tech. Mix things up a bit!


1. Get yourself a mentor

Obviously, finding a mentor is not easy but if you want to stand out in the fast-growing tech space, this might just be your golden ticket. For starters, you have to be prepared to reach out to a handful of people in order to find someone who’d be willing to take the time and inspect your code as well as provide you with some straightforward and useful feedback. What’s more, you have to be prepared for this if you want this relationship to work and you to grow both personally and professionally. With a mentor by your side to advise you, you’re taking the steps to up your tech career as well.


2. Boost your tech skills

Most tech employees have a remarkable education and background, but if you want to stand out at your workplace, your education should continue. Essentially, look for every opportunity to take up some additional courses or classes that will allow you to expand your skillset. Not to mention that there are plenty of those online as well, and sometimes even for free. Don’t hesitate to do your bit and work on your own knowledge and tech skills; you can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed.


3. Be a team player and communicate

All of the skills of the world won’t make you stand out in the fast-growing tech space if you’re unpleasant to be around or closed off to any cooperation and communication. But, if you’re a true part of the team and are casual enough to chat and make jokes with your team members, some great things could happen. Not only can you make good friends (and even better colleagues) but you can also let your charm and friendliness shine some light on your personality, and show the world that you’re more than just a techie; that you’re a team player.


4. Practice your attitude

This may sound a bit challenging and confusing at first, but if you think about it, how often do you really stop to listen to yourself talking or explaining something to your colleague? How many times have you stopped to think about the way you look when you work and the sound you make when you’re happy or nervous? All these things, even though personal, are part of your soft skillset, which, when practiced, can help you stand out in a positive manner at work – especially a tech space.


5. Be your own person

Don’t be ashamed or neglectful of who you are as a person. You can practice soft skills, get a mentor and gain more technical knowledge as much as you want, but if you’re ignoring your own personality in the process, the lack of it will show. That said, don’t hide your inner self for the sake of leveling up or standing out; if those are your wishes you should be doing the opposite.


Although it’s true that standing out in the fast-growing tech workplace is rather difficult in this day and age, trying to do just that will only help you better yourself and enjoy work more. In that respect, you really don’t have anything to lose.