Sometimes you might not even be consciously aware that your current position is making you miserable. Unfortunately, there are more and more cases like these. But you know what? Not enjoying the job you have at the moment is perfectly fine. You have the right to find something that will suit you better and make you motivated. It’s always important not to rush things but if you can relate to everything described in the following article, you might need to sit down and carefully analyze your options. That said, check out the common telling signs you need a new job.


You’ve forgotten what motivation feels like

Feeling unmotivated, sluggish, tired and disinterested the moment you sit at your desk is not the best cocktail of feelings when it comes to your job. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get your tasks done. But the strength it takes you to go through your daily to-do list feels superhuman. Everyone has these days at work but the issue is when these days become a norm. If you honestly can’t remember when was the last time you felt productive and motivated at work, it may be the time to look into something else.


You feel stuck at your job

There are two kinds of people. Some feel secure and offer their best productivity when the work they have is consistent. But, others can’t stand the Status Quo and need to feel challenged and appreciated to do more over time. If you belong to the latter group and have been at your position for a while but you still have exactly the same responsibilities, it may be time to talk to your boss and explain that you’re ready to take up more projects. If that doesn’t work, you’d want to ask yourself whether you can be happy with the way things are.


You constantly feel stressed out

One of the major signs you need a new job is the level of stress you’re experiencing on a daily basis. A certain amount of stress is relatively normal for every workplace. However, if you’re a nervous wreck every day and even feel the physical effect of the constant stress and pressure you’re under, it would do you a lot better if you tried to find a new work environment where you won’t have to deal with a huge amount of stress every day. Unfortunately, stress has become the No 1 enemy when health is concerned and no job is worth your well-being.


You’re irritable even outside work

We are all affected by our work even when we’ve clocked out, but if you’re constantly irritable and snap at your friends and loved ones, this can’t be good. It’s only logical that you sometimes bring the negativity back home with you, but definitely not all the time! And if you find that you’re acting really grouchy, nervous and snappy even during the weekends, this may be one of the clear signs you need a new job that will actually make you happy most of the time.


You don’t feel excited about anything work-related

Let’s be honest here – nobody feels excited about their work every single day, and especially not on Monday mornings. Still, there should always be something or someone at work to at least make you feel positive about the day. Not to mention the after-work gatherings, celebrations, etc. But, even if the prospect of having fun with your colleagues isn’t enough to make you feel enthusiastic a little bit and you’re actually dreading every workday, it may be the right time to start thinking about why things are the way they are. After all, this is not how you should spend your work days.


One of the biggest telltale signs you need a new job is your own thought process. Has changing jobs or quitting ever crossed your mind? Even if you’ve never entertained the possibility seriously, thinking about it often means that you’re not satisfied at your current position. In this day and age, there’s no reason why you should endure when you can always find work you enjoy.