Navigating the Misconceptions and Discovering Long-Term Opportunities

The role of staffing agencies is often misunderstood. At AMPM Employment, we understand these concerns and aim to not only dispel the myths but also illuminate the undeniable benefits of temp-to-hire agencies.

Traditionally, staffing agencies have been painted with a broad brush. Short-term, unstable employment opportunities. However, this narrative misses a crucial piece of the puzzle. At AMPM Employment, we’ve embraced a temp-to-hire model. Stability in the transient world of work. Our positions aren’t fleeting assignments; they are stepping stones to a long-term career.

At the heart of every staffing agency lies a promise: a commitment to match the right talent with the right role. People want a place where skills can be honed and careers can flourish. Staffing agencies, particularly those specializing in temp-to-hire roles, offer a unique avenue. Come and explore diverse industries, gather invaluable experience, and ultimately find a long-term home.

Addressing the Concerns

It would be remiss to overlook the concerns that often accompany discussions about staffing agencies. The fear of instability, the concerns about benefits, and the longing for a workplace to call ‘home’ are legitimate. Let’s take a look at each of these:

Stability: Most people are familiar with Indeed. Imagine hiring someone to go through Indeed and apply to jobs for you. This is what a staffing agency does (but for free). Companies looking to hire pay Staffing Agencies for their service. So while not every job opportunity works out, you know you have at least one person on your side.

Benefits: While AMPM offers benefits to all of our employees (even temp to hire), we know this is a concern when looking at a Staffing Agency. Make sure the agency provides a path for you to be fully hired on at the company you’re working at. This will lead to a full time offer and future benefits.

Home Company: According to Labor Works USA about 35% of Temp-to-Hire Employees get offered a full time position. At AMPM Employment this statistic is much higher. Check the reviews for the Staffing Agency. Are people getting hired after 90 days?

The Verdict

So, are staffing agencies bad? No, the business model is sound and the benefits to both companies and candidates are real. There will always be some bad apples though, so keep an eye out for the high quality agencies.

At AMPM Employment, we don’t just offer jobs; we cultivate careers. We believe in the potential of every individual who walks through our doors. We are committed to guiding them towards not just a job, but a home. In this ever-changing world of work, we stand firm in our belief: staffing agencies are not just a good choice; they are a beacon of hope in the pursuit of career fulfillment and stability.