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With over 15 years of industry experience, AMPM Employment has the best tools at our disposal to find you employees that are qualified, hard-working and reliable. Our flexible approach and penchant for open, honest communication allow us to offer superior service to our clients and work diligently until the right connection is made.

We know that finding workers can be time-consuming and strenuous – you already have a lot on your plate! Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time or resources to get the job done as well as you would like. That’s why our team handles every intricacy of the hiring process from start to finish, covering all of your bases so that we can source the best possible candidate every time. Working with a search partner like AMPM Employment means that you can focus on doing what you do best: running your business while managing an amazing team!

Are you unconvinced about a candidate that we have selected? Our “Evaluation Hire Program” allows you observe a candidate for a trial period, before making them a permanent addition to your team. This program gives you peace of mind that no productivity or profitability will be lost.

Industries we serve


Need a maintenance technician, production manager or other skilled employee in a pinch? We recruit for a wide range of general labor trades and can have your operation equipped with reliable manpower in no time.


Having dedicated, punctual and capable construction team members are of the utmost importance – a weak link can make or break an operation. Put your trust in us to find you top notch construction talent.


Every piece of the logistics puzzle must be handled with care – and that starts with hiring great employees! If you need an administrative assistant, receptionist, accounts payable / receivable or other clerical role to round out your project, look no further than AMPM Employment.


Having dedicated, punctual and capable team of machine operators, assemblers and more is of the utmost importance – a weak link can make or break an operation. Put your trust in us to find you top notch industrial talent.

Find the staffing solution
that works for you.

Direct Hire

Are you looking to hire a full-time, permanent employee? Our recruiters will take care of every step in the process to find you a long-lasting and well-suited team member. From interview prep to paper signing, we do our job so you can focus on the big picture.

Evaluation to Hire​

Bringing someone on for a short-term gig is a great way to get a project done more effectively. If you need an employee for a contract project, AMPM Employment can help find the perfect candidate that won’t disrupt the flow of your team.

Temporary Placements

Seasonal rush? Is a deadline coming up? Whatever your temporary staffing needs may be, AMPM Employment has you covered! Temporary workers stay on our payroll, so that you enjoy increased productivity without any of the headache.

Payrolling Services

If your operation has fluctuating manpower needs, we can collaborate on a solution that fits your unique situation. Our team can supplement your team with reliable temporary staff to come in during busy periods, so that you can avoid hiring new employees every time.