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Job ID



Light Industrial


Job Description:

  • Inspect incoming bulkers and empty railcar bins, clean and repair as necessary.
  • Set pellet transfers:
  • End of lines to QC bins.
  • QC bins to silos, RC bins, etc.
  • Silos to bulkers and other locations
  • Set and maintain pellet blend backs to end of lines.
  • Assist Operator with vacuum loads from bulkers, silos, and RC bins.
  •  Maintain pellet production lines, separate strands, adjust air dryers, clean choppers, empty buckets, etc.
  • Assist operators and shift leaders during plant upsets.
  • Segregate scrap, maintain scrap boxes, keep floors clean and swept.
  • Set and maintain flow of wax at end of lines, as needed. Know what’s running.
  • Prepare railcars and track for switches. Work with railroad to execute safe and orderly switches.
  • Maintain silos in clean and safe condition. Sweep or vacuum pellets. Clean up dust

Job Requirements:

  • Blend pellets as directed to make prime product.
  • Maintain loading and transfer hoses in neat and organized fashion.
  • Clean railcars as required including sweep down and/or wash out.
  • Run all end of line lab tests rigorously. Clean and maintain lab equipment in excellent working order. (Zinc test, fines test, melts, pellet weights)
  • Read and follow nightly instructions every shift. Read log book every shift.
  •  Keep plant clean and organized. Put away brooms, shovels, hammers, scrapers, etc. as you go.
  • Maintain QC bin operation with special care on where pellets go.
  •  Fill box orders as required.
  • Complete all required paperwork neatly and completely.
  • Extra cleaning on weekends and nights. There is always something to clean.
  •  Assist with inventories as requested.
  • Dump boxes to Mix Silo system, making sure no foreign material in box or on pallet.