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Direct Hire


Job Description:

Responsible for keeping any and all production equipment, and the plant's structural, mechanical, and electrical functions running smoothly, safely and efficiently, so as to produce a quality product

Job Requirements:


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to do essential tasks including, but not limited to: Bending, Carrying, Cleaning (equipment), Coordination (eye/hand & hand/foot), Dialing, Hearing, Holding, Inserting, Lifting (50 lbs.), Opening & Closing, Pounding, Pulling & Pushing (up to 500 lbs.), Reaching, Reading (regular and blueprint), Removing, Seeing, Stretching, Speaking, Stooping, Standing, Threading*, Turning & Twisting, Typing/Keyboard*, Walking and Welding.


Non-essential physical tasks may include the following: Driving, Filing, Folding & Unfolding, Maintaining, Sweeping, Stapling, Turning Pages, Weighing, and Writing.


*Note: Some physical functions vary slightly in importance from plant to plant and shift to shift depending on the machines they work on