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Job Description:

Maintain, repair and sharpen tools, dies, and formed tools used in the forming of material specializing in the operation of machine tools, jig bore grinders, surface grinders, lathes, and mills

Job Requirements:


§ Set up machine tools used in the tool room (high degree of accuracy required.)

§ Changes internal die parts to produce new part numbers.

§ Repair, maintain and sharpen dies, jigs fixtures and transfer units as directed by supervisor.

§ Troubleshoot problems dies, jigs fixtures and transfer units.

§ Maintain routine service on machine tools such as grinder, tools, etc.

§ Assist in maintaining inventory.

§ Interpret blueprints and other written specifications.

§ Comply with all safety standards: Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Equipment Safety Analysis (ESA) and Area Safety Analysis (ASA).

§ Communicate with supervisor on tooling problems and supply requirements.

§ Clean machine tools after use.

§ Ensure that job is run in environmental compliance after instructions from supervisor/environmental group.

§ Use a variety of precision measuring instruments.

§ Select proper coolants and cutting oils for the work being performed.

§ Perform routine housekeeping and improvements in work area(s) as necessary.